e-Creatorz (EC) was launched in 2001 with the basic ideology of catering to high end creative web services. Ever since then EC has been able to marks its grounds locally and internationally. Over the years this small company has been able to transform into a highly capable organization covering many verticals under one roof.

The lifeline of EC is its skilled and highly capable human capital. The efforts and attachment with EC makes each and every project unique in its own way. EC started off as providing web design & development and hosting services only. Over the years we have been able to expand into Application Development, Mobile App Development, GUI development, Portal Development (majorly e-Commerce), SEO Management, Digital Marketing, state of the art Business & Educational ERP, a unique Digital Archiving Solution and SaaS Model Services and Solutions.

e-Creatorz provides customized solutions that are attractive yet functional, professional yet efficient to cater the diverse and unique requirements of Small to Medium size Enterprises, large organizations, Government and multinationals. These solutions are in practice Telecom, Banking, Education, Trading, Services industry, Operational Management, Chain Management, Textile, and Government sector.

EC has experienced phenomenal growth in all its verticals over time. Be it Telecom, Banking, Education, Trading, Services, Operational Management, Chain Management, Textile, and Government sector .EC has not only incorporated its services and solutions but also had great case studies and satisfied clients with extraordinary support system, implementation and project management practices and state of the art deliverables.

Khalid Jamil Shamsi


The group is over 30 Years old under the Chairmanship of Khalid Jamil Shamsi. Mr. Khalid Jamil Shamsi is a successful entrepreneur and senior executive with over 30 years of demonstrable success rate of enhancing profits and expanding business augmentation targets within initial and dynamically changing business environments. He is an experienced professional with thorough and cutting edge contributions within the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry in Pakistan and having broad experience with ICT business verticals which need profound knowledge of decisive business accelerators in order to provide the best services to the customer base.

Sameer Shamsi


Mr. Sameer Shamsi, a diligent youngster with a scintillating eye for art, has the ability to follow his goals effectually. Sameer with educational backgrounds from UAE and UK has been able to implement international standards at e-Creatorz. He holds immense knowledge and experience in the field of IT management. He strongly understands the technological advancements and awareness required in order to overshadow complexities of the IT world. Being a true disciple of sharing knowledge, he highlights the fact that it’s not the awareness that people need, instead it’s the level of persuasion and belief they require in order to invest today to project a much better future pondering the importance of ICT.

Mohammed Yaseen

Vice President & CEO Australia

Dr. Yaseen is an innovative and a result oriented leader with consistent international success in; Information Communication Technology (ICT), Services Industry and Entrepreneurship Engagement. Dr. Yaseen Joined e-Creatorz as Consultant in 2013, to facilitate Mobile Application Development and supported number of applications, programs and projects for international market. Presently; In line with e-Creatorz global expansion, Dr. Yaseen was appointed as Regional Head and CEO of Australian Operations. Dr. Yaseen has a 23-year track record of performance in the ICT and Service industry with expertise to introduce innovative ICT and Business solutions by planning and management skills.

Irfan Siddiqui

Vice President & CEO Canada

Mr. Siddiqui is a well-known accounting and business professional based in Mississauga. Mr. Siddiqui is an experienced professional with 26 years of accounting, taxation and business management experience. He offers seminars and lectures in accounting, personal taxes and business development. Mr. Siddiqui’s expertise in business development and his passion for educational services also allowed him to build the foundation for many Educational Initiatives over the years. Mr. Siddiqui also believes in volunteering and volunteers for various community events, coaching new immigrants focusing in an accounting career, and files free taxes for new immigrants that cannot afford to pay tax service fee.

Kahmer Khan


Kahmer Khan has over 10 plus years of experience in Management. He is a part of many Tech Based Initiatives as an Advisor & Partner dealing with Mobile Banking, e-Wallets, Stock Market and Financial Consultancy. Being a tech expert he has been able to automate many workplaces. Overall Kahmer also has a great interest in BI and AI which makes his relation with e-Creatorz even more fruitful. Kahmer is passionate about client experience and has a track record of high sales, extraordinary customer support practices and being a great team leader.

Zia Ul Islam

Chief Technology Officer Global Operations

Every other IT company not only requires a business side but also a technical side. Mr. Zia Ul Islam is a hands on tech expert with a vast knowledge on the ever-changing technology. He has been a key pillar of e-Creatorz and over the years has helped the organization to achieve and deliver state of the art products and solutions. He is currently doing his Doctorate in Information Systems and has applied his skills and education in the organization effectively and efficiently. Over the years Mr. Zia Ul Islam has given lectures and led seminars discussing interesting topics such as Technology for the Organization and The Changing Technology.

Syed Nasser Wajahat

Vice President Corporate Affairs and PR

Nasser is a versatile individual with a vast experience in managing clients. He has an experience of over 15 years in dealing local and international accounts. He holds immense knowledge and experience in the fields of Banking, Business Development, Diplomatic Relations, International Relations, Lay, PR & IT with educational backgrounds from Pakistan and UK. He is a frequent traveler and has closely worked on trade and policy making for governments. Nasser is also a well-known socialite and a motivational speaker. He is also part of many CSR initiatives that focus on Entrepreneurial Skills. With EC, Nasser is looking after Corporate Affairs & PR, and is a vital part in strategic planning for the organization.

e-Creatorz is part of the group comprised of Computer Research (Pvt) Ltd and ElateIT (Pvt) Ltd with a combined experience and success of over 26 years. Over the years the Group has contributed in the upbringing of IT sector and has developed state of the art products, services and solutions. The group has also created awareness and educated the businesses; to achieve highest degree by exploiting the technology

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