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Steve Jobs believes, “The best way to create value in the 21st century is to connect creativity with technology”. In the contemporary era of education, creativity has been regarded as an integral skill for effective learning in higher education. When it comes to empowering innovation and creativeness in learning strategies, the use of avant-garde technology […]

Top 8 Frameworks and Toolkits to Build Desktop Applications

In this era of the digital revolution, desktop applications are perceived as the best tools to create a unified working environment and expeditious performance. If your corporation is going through a lull period in business, it’s high time to start looking for expert assistance with desktop application development. Before delving into the benefits that can […]

Online Learning: The Future of Education?

It is rightly claimed that ” Online education is not the next big thing. It is the now big thing”. With the creation of school management software and virtual classrooms, e-learning brought about a revolution in the educational field. It is now greatly diverse as compared to the 19th century due to advancements in education […]

Top 8 Features of Campus Management System

Campus management system: A step towards academic evolution Over the years, technology has made an advantageous impact in every sector of the economy. Since the outbreak of the COVID pandemic, digitalization has rapidly made its way into the educational sector as well. Automated technology is the only solution to almost all of the problems faced […]