Cash Management Solution

CMS is a functionally rich, reliable, secure & cost effective solution that packages numerous functions that help individuals and businesses process receipts and payments in an organized and efficient manner. It is a process of collections, concentrations, disbursement of cash & payments on behalf of the Customers using the Bank Network.

CRPL CMS is designed to co-exist with existing systems. Flexible architecture enables the customer to lessen the dependency on changing legacy systems and hence providing out class, scalable and high scale cash management services.

Built on new technologies of Oracle, CRPL-CMS let banks to offer their corporate customers, fully optimized and powerful Cash Management solution.

Customer Portal is a powerful banking desk, providing 24×7 online bridge between the bank and the customer, helping to boost up healthy relationship.

Payment Management Solution

PMS offers a real-time comprehensive payment and transfer mechanism for corporate clients including tax payments, bill payment, multiple account transfers, stop payments, and business-to-business transactions. it helps in making business more efficient and profitable through reduced payment costs, enhanced control and streamlined corporate payment processing function.

Super Collection System

Collection System packages to collect customer payments in a proficient manner, facilitating our Corporate Customer and providing Corporate & Bulk Collection methods to their customers. Corporate Collection; covering business to business – B2B collection workflow and providing collection facilities to the corporate for collecting their funds from their vendors and enrich the customer and their vendors with the pre-configurable Email/SMS alerts and Online MIS. Bulk collections cover business to Customer – B2C workflow and facilitate to collect bulk consumer collections for utility organizations against their billing data and enrich the customer with comprehensive MIS .