eARCZ is a digital archiving software that automate the transformation of business-critical information from paper documents, faxes into process-ready information, and to deliver it into business systems, databases, workflows and document archives.

The product practices the process of converting a large amount of paper files to an easily accessible digital format which are searchable and can be indexed to your requirements; thousands of documents can be accessible in moments and delivers high-volume information capture, retrieval and distribution functionality organization wide.

e-Creatorz offers a turnkey solution for bulk scanning & archiving which cater all channels from receiving the document to making it available to users including:

  • Human resource (supervisors, data entry operators, scanning operators, approvers)

  • Fast speed scanners, hardware, networking and Infrastructure

  • Workflow management

  • Repository management

  • Software application for digital archiving & previewing



  • User Access Management
    Administrator can manage multiple users and give access rights through role-based security.
    Character recognition technology helps application in searching text material from scanned images.
  • Data Backup & Recovery
    The application schedules incremental backups on backup server which can be recovered as required.
  • Annotations
    User may add annotations against each document which is useful while searching the document. By just entering a keyword, document could be retrieved within no time.
  • Search & Advanced Search
    Searching feature is available on single or multiple fields with “AND” and “OR” options. Thus each document could be searched according to its relative indexed keys.
  • Document Version Maintenance
    History of all modifications for a document is logged for future references. Users can retrieve and compare two versions of a document, view the differences, and retrieve the older version of the document just like MS Visual Source Safe.
  • Audit & Reports
    This feature allows the administrator to monitor each and every activity of users by using flexible auditing tools with an audit trail stored in the repository. Date-wise search will be provided to get a custom report for the user activity.
  • Future Enhancements
    Application is designed to allow further additions and inclusions to cater the changing requirements of the customer’s need.