Today’s globally connected economies and markets introduce even greater challenges as well as opportunities for customer-centric organizations. New product innovations and continuous performance initiatives like lean, total quality management, and Six Sigma are emerging as principle ways to drive profitable growth while maintaining cost controls. Organizations of all sizes and types are struggling to comply with regulations and manage the risks and penalties of failing to operate within the rules. Compliance efforts are often manual, fragmented, and ineffective. In simple words you need analysis tools that logically and dynamically align with your core enterprise and your users.

eBIZ SMARTZ Business ERP places a heavy emphasis on the active use of the right information at the right time for the right people. It proactively guides and re-adjusts the course of the business rather than just passively measuring its progress or reserving business intelligence tools for a chosen few.

e-Creatorz Pvt Ltd – The one and only company offering the best product with complete solution.


e-Creatorz understands Global challenges and the opportunities created by them. Synchronizing the complex relationships that determine supply, demand, and fulfillment is the basis to reaching industry-leading levels of operational excellence. Delivering the highest level of quality and process efficiency across the enterprise – through a culture of continuous performance improvement – is what creates a world-class business that can boast pace-setting levels of customer satisfaction.
In response, e-Creatorz has developed a state-of-the-art enterprise resource planning system to help you optimize performance across your entire enterprise, whether it operates on a local, regional, or global scale.

With eBIZ SMARTZ your business can get a head start today by implementing advanced service-oriented technologies that embody your essential business processes, yet are built for change—adaptable to business context, yet information-rich in operation.

eBIZ SMARTZ is a complete Business ERP all set to cater to any enterprise willing to alter leakages and enhance efficiency with a combination of upscaling profit. eBIZ SMARTZ covers all modules that are usually concerned when discussing success of a business.


eBIZ SMARTZ is an enterprise resource planning built not just with scalability, accessibility, and flexibility in mind, but with an eye to the sophisticated functional needs of businesses that expect to continuously improve and perform. Our end to- end solution is designed to align with your business processes enabling you to select the capabilities that are meaningful to your business needs.

eBIZ SMARTZ management practices should automate and streamline your business processes by providing tools that create value through monitoring your business conditions for timely decision making. To this end eBIZ SMARTZ provides an accurate view of all your data, including a 360-degree view of your customers—from consolidated orders to invoices to payments.

It provides a consistent, repeatable single solution approach that integrates your corporate headquarters with your divisions and operating locations. The world class capabilities of eBIZ SMARTZ applications enable the local, regional, or centralized deployment of master data and standard processes within a consistent, pervasive security framework. This ensures that operational information produced locally, from forecast to financials, cascades upwards into a single consolidated view of global activities that accurately reflects your organization’s performance.


  • Improve operational efficiency and productivity within and beyond your enterprise.
  • Use enterprise services architecture to improve process standardization, efficiency, and adaptability.
  • Run your enterprise in accordance with strategy and plans, accessing the right information in real time to identify concerns early.
  • Achieve corporate objectives by aligning workforce and organizational objectives.
  • Find the best people and leverage their talent in the right job at the right time.
  • Give employees new ways to access the enterprise information required for their daily activities.
  • Leverage preset defaults and prepackaged versions available for specific industries.


  • Accessible around the world
  • Complete Business Management
  • Configurable
  • User Friendly
  • Business Intelligence
  • Mobile Friendly



General Ledger
  • Multi-Level Chart of Account
  • Opening Balances
  • Cash Transactions
  • Bank Transactions
  • General Transactions
  • Debit and Credit Notes
  • Multi-Level Approval
  • Voucher Posting and Cancellation
Cost Center Management
  • Multi-Level Cost Center Categories
  • Multi-Level Cost Centers
  • Project Management
Tax Management
  • Default Taxes and Rates
  • Purchase Invoice Taxation
  • Sales Invoice Taxation
  • Payment Taxation
  • Receipt Taxation
  • Tax on Tax
  • Customer Management
  • Customer Opening Balances
  • Customer Tax Management
  • Sales Invoices
  • Invoice Receipt
  • Advance & Refund
  • Deposit
  • Invoice Knock off
  • Report
  •  Vendor Management 
  •  Vendor Opening Balances
  •  Vendor Tax Management
  •  Purchase Invoices (Expense / Services / Material)
  •  Invoice Payments
  •  Advance & Refund
  •  Deposit
  •  Invoice Knock off
  • Multiple Budgets in one period
  • Verification Mode (Monthly / Yearly)
  • Transaction Blocking
  • Budget Comparison
  • Budget Variances
Rebate Management
  • Rebate Invoicing
  • Rebate receipts
  • Bank Management
  • Inter Bank Transfer
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Cheque Printing
Petty Cash
  • Day Operation (Opening, Transaction, Closing, Posting)
  • Petty Cash Operations (Requisitions, Payment, IOU Receiving)
  • Cashier Operations (Requisition, Payment, Cash in Transit, Receiving, Posting)
  • Denominations


Manufacturing Management
  • Master Production Scheduling
  • Material Requirements Planning
  • Forecast
  • Manual Forecast
  • MRP Generation
  • Log File
  • Material Planning
  • Bill of Materials
  • Scheduling and Resource Management
  • Overload Informer
  • Production Execution System


Employ Management
  • Employee Information
  • Employee Association
  • Employee Transfers
  • ID Card Generation (Barcoded)
  • Employee Documentations
  • Opening Balances (PF, Gratuity, SESSI, EOBI, Tax Etc.)
  • Employee Separation
  • Full & Final Settlements
Employ Payroll Management
  • Salary Structures • Increment Policies
  • Deduction Policies • Bonus Disbursement
  • Advance Allocation & Deductions
  • Loan Management
  • Arrears Management
  • Other Income / Deductions
  • Payroll Generation
  • Basic
  • Cost Center Based
  • Payment / Disbursement
  • Pay Slip Generation
Employ Taxation
  • Previous Earing & Tax Opening Balance
  • Employment Based Tax Policies / Slabs
  • Tax Adjustments
Attendance Management
  • Roster Based Attendance
  • Shift Based Attendance
  • Attendance Marking (Self, Machine, Manual)
  • File Based Attendance Uploading
  • Attendance Policy Maker
Leave Management
  • Leave Application
  • Opening Balances
  • Leave Encashment
  • Leave Encashment Policies
Performance Appraisal
  • Core Competency Categories
  • Core Competencies
  • KPI Classifications
  • KPI Evaluations
  • Evaluation of Classification
  • Performance Appraisal Schema
  • Employee Evaluations
  • Appraisals
Recruitment Management
  • Job Management
  • Job Openings / Offering
  • Candidate Management
  • Recruitment Processes
  • Hiring Decision
  • Applicant to Employee Conversion


Supply Chain Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Purchase Contracts
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Goods Management
  • Pick List Management
  • Sales Management
  • Packing List Management


Asset Management
  • Easy Asset Setup
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Customized Setup
  • Asset tracking
  • Depreciation Management
  • Asset Review
  • Asset Manipulation
  • Reporting Flexibility
  • Depreciation schedules
Procurement Management
  • Purchase Requisition
  • Vendor Inquiry
  • Quotation
  • Evaluation
  • Purchase Order
  • Goods Receiving
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Invoice Payment
  • Reports


  • Inquiries
  • Estimation/Quotation
  • Shipping Particulars
  • Principal Invoice
  • Project Payment Approvals
  • Expense Invoice
  • Adjustments
  • Master BL Documentation
  • House BL Documentation
  • Gate Pass • Export MDB
  • Notice of Arrival
  • Delivery Order
  • Customized Prints
  • Customized Reports
Freight Forwarding
  • Cargo booking
  • CRO or Loading Program
  • B/L documentation
  • Sales Invoice
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Customized Prints
  • Customized Reports
Business Commercial
  • Inquiries
  • Quotation
  • Rates Tracker
  • Master BL Documentation
  • House BL Documentation
  • Sales Invoice
  • Project Payment Approvals
  • Expense Invoice
  • Gate Pass
  • Export MDB
  • Notice of Arrival
  • Delivery Order
  • IGM Letter
  • IGM NOC Letter
  • Amendment Form
  • Container Tracking
  • Customized Prints
  • Customized Reports
Custom Clearance
  • Inquiries
  • Quotation
  • Booking
  • Sales Invoices
  • Purchase Invoices
  • Logistics Modules connectivity
  • Project tracking
  • Customized Reports
  • Inquiries
  • Quotations
  • Road Surveys
  • Vehicle Management
  • Invoices
  • Customized Reports