PikPlz, high end commuting service given at very affordable prices. Now travel as per your convenience. READY, TAP, GO…

PikPlz is a high end commuting service given at very affordable prices. PikPlz allows its customer to search for nearby drivers who are willing to serve in their free time for extra income. This unique app has a group building facility under which a driver can get his customers in his cluster and drive them accordingly based on his/her availability, however non availability of the driver would automatically shift its customer to the next nearest driver. With economical fares for the customer, exceptional take home for the driver and a 24×7 high end support system backing….PikPlz offers an extraordinary experience for commuters.

PikPlz Partners can now drive commuters to their destinations for extra income. A PikPlz Partner can be available for the general users of PikPlz or create their own customers data base with our unique closed group service structure. Under PikPlz Partner any individual can sign up as a driver after going through our screening process and drive around customers seeking drop through the app in order to earn extra income. The App has the ability to transfer customer requests to the nearby available drivers or schedule in advance for a future journey.


Manage User Accounts – User accounts management as per access rights and privileges.


Pikup services are followed by the driver on request acceptance based on their availability.


The procedure is complete and successful once the customer is dropped off at their desired destination.


With fare pricing on traveling and waiting situations, Customer only pays for what is actually and fairly liable.

WHY PikPlz?


    PikPlz offers you a one tap, simple functioning and efficient mobile app. Travel as per your convenience with a simple yet effective pick and drop closed group service.
    Offering you a unique closed group traveling solution, PikPlz allows the driver and customer to share a mutual level of trust and understanding minimizing the security issue.
    Pricing of services with PikPlz allows the users to effectively earn extra income and save traveling cost simultaneously. PikPlz wows to provide a win-win situation for both the Driver and Customer.